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Roof repair and maintenance is necessary to keep every roof performing at the level of standard you expect; however, all roofs still have an expected life span and will eventually fail. If you have had your existing roof for more than 15 years, we strongly recommend calling us for an inspection. As the premier roofing contractor in Albuquerque, NM, we provide all types of roof repair and install new roofs that are built to last through the harsh conditions common to this region.

At Joseph L Saenz Roofing and Stucco, our roofing installation crew is highly experienced and continuously trained in safety procedures to ensure you receive the highest quality of work. No matter what type of roof your building has, we will repair your existing roof whenever possible. If we need to install roofing, you will always receive the right type of roof for your building. From flat roofs to elegant Spanish tile, our reroofing professionals can handle any project with the utmost quality.

If you would like to ensure your roof remains in good condition even beyond its warranty period, we offer roof maintenance services. This service helps identify small problems before they become larger, more costly issues. We will provide a thorough inspection of your entire roofing system, including all seams, canals, skylights, corners, ducts, flashing, and penetrations, such as chimneys and vents. We will replace any rotted areas and reseal your roof to protect you from damage.

Rely on Joseph L Saenz Roofing and Stucco for all your roofing needs because we are the contractor with three decades of proven quality service in your neighborhood.

You can reach us any time by phone, e-mail, or our contact form for estimates, appointments, and emergency service.

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